Dress Code/Code of Conduct

At school, it is necessary to maintain a workplace atmosphere for staff and students.  We have developed reasonable limits for appropriate dress and have established fair and reasonable consequences for our learning environment.

Clothing, jewelry and visible tattoos cannot depict or imply (in written or in picture form), any messages which are profane, demeaning or promote illegal activity.

Slippers and sock feet are not appropriate or safe workplace clothing.

All tops are to cover the midriff; that is, they are able to be tucked in.

All tops are to cover cleavage and the midriff; that is, low cut tops, halter tops, backless tops, side less tops and tube tops are not appropriate for our workplace.

Short shorts and short skirts cause concern; hems should be lower than the middle knuckle of the hand when arms are fully extended.

Clothing should be worn in such a way as to cover underwear.

Outdoor wear, such as jackets and boots, are not to be worn to class. 

Hats are not permitted inside the school except on designated hat days.

The use of scented products must be avoided as these cause allergic reactions, headaches and concentration issues.

It is expected that all school members will dress in an appropriate manner that is modest and conducive to creating a comfortable and safe working environment. 


Should an individual not comply with the Dress Code

1st offense - She or he will be asked to change or cover-up

2nd offense - She or he will be asked to go home and change the inappropriate clothing.