Tim Hortons Camp Gr. 7

Reminder: All permission and medical forms for Tim Horton's Camp are due on Monday, April 8th. If your child is not planning to attend, a written note and parent/guardian signature must be sent to the office or to homeroom teacher indicating a "non attendance". Students who are not attending the Tim Horton Camp are expected to come to school on April 15th to April 18th for regular academic classes. 


Here are suggestions for “what” to bring for the spring visit: 


·      Warm coat

·      Rain coat                                                                                      

·      Boots

·      1-2 pairs of mittens/gloves                                        

·      Warmer track pants or wind pants                           

·      Hat/toque  and /or scarf

·      Rubber boots                                                                              

·      3 -5 pairs of underwear

·      1-2 sweatshirt(s) or warm sweater(s)

·      1-2 long sleeved shirts                                                                            

·      2-3 short sleeved shirts

·      3-5 pairs of socks                                                                                 

·      2-3 long pants

·      2 towels and 1 facecloth


Slippers, PJs, indoor shoes, toiletries, second pair of outdoors shoes, water bottle, flashlight, writing materials and sunglasses (sunblock).